Welcome to Sleeping Giant Web Solutions
ricing will depend on what you require from your website. Do you want to start from scratch with a new web site? Do you require your current website to have a revamp to freshen it up? Or would you like to improve your website's ranking to improve the amount of traffic that will view your site in Google and other search engines. All options are available to you. Please read the pricing page then get in touch and we can discuss your idea's free of charge.

ricing Options:

eb Site Development: £300
Work together to plan and develop a new web site. Will include planning, story boards, web site design and development. Will be fully tested and coded clean to W3C standard. Will be published live with SEO included. Hosting fees will need to be paid monthly to whatever company we decide is suitable (approx cost £20 - £40 per month).

eb Site Fix-Up: £150
Do you have an out of date site that couls do with a bit of modernising. Can change the appearance of your site so you feel more confident in your presence on the web.

EO(Search Engine Optimisation): £100
A few tricks to ensure your site is performing at its best and achieving a higher ranking on Google. The nearer the top the more users will see it.
If you have any questions please get in touch. Feel free as there is no obligation to purchase sevices. If you do decide to go ahead then we can get down to business in being the solution to your web based problem!